Current active bid proposals are listed below.  Click on the Project Number to view the Bid and Plan Holder information.

Project NumberTitleLocationIssuedOpeningUpdated 
FDC-003-101773.1Structure Replacement-Bower Mountain Road Over Chestnut Run Forest District 3, Tuscarora State Forest, PERRY COUNTY, TOBOYNE10/03/201811/01/2018  Request Bid Package
FDC-013-101805.1STRUCTURE REPLACEMENT - Bridge No. 13-0066 - Buck Run Rd Over EB Clarion River FOREST DISTRICT 13 - ELK STATE FOREST, MCKEAN COUNTY, SERGEANT10/03/201811/01/2018  Request Bid Package
FDC-016-101811.1Structure Replacement - Bridge No. 16-0029 - Cedar Mtn Rd Over Buck Run FOREST DISTRICT 16, TIOGA STATE FOREST, TIOGA COUNTY, ELK10/03/201811/01/2018  Request Bid Package
FDC-018-102371.2Boiler Replacement-RMC FOREST DISTRICT NO. 18 - WEISER STATE FOREST, COLUMBIA COUNTY, CONYNGHAM10/03/201811/01/2018  Request Bid Package
FDC-313-102584.1Repair Structure, Bridge No. 6313-1202 SHAWNEE STATE PARK, BEDFORD COUNTY, NAPIER10/10/201811/01/2018  Request Bid Package