Bid Information
Project Number:   FDC-020-101741.1
Project Title:   STRUCTURE REPLACEMENT - Bridge No. 20-0051
Location:   Loyalsock State Forest, LYCOMING COUNTY, PLUNKETTS CREEK
Issue Date:   3/8/2017
Opening Date:   3/28/2017 ( 2:00 PM )
Work Includes:   Work included under this contract consists of all site work to suit project preparation, execution and completion. This includes demolition of existing structure Little Bear Road over Sand Spring Run (#41-7935-5120-0051). It will be replaced with a precast reinforced box culvert (normal clear span 7’-0” x 7’-0” rise) with a 18 foot clear roadway width. Replacement at the structure will also include driving surface aggregate, rock lining, architectural surface treatment and guiderail including end treatments. Bidders for this project shall as of the bid opening date, be listed as Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) prequalified, as a Prime Contractor, in Category S4. Engineer's Estimate : $100,000 - $500,000
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